Grade 7-12

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I extend a warm welcome to all prospective students and parents considering our unique learning community. Here at the Big Stone Cree Nation Education Authority, we believe education is about far more than textbooks and lessons; it's about empowering our students to become their best selves.

We are deeply inspired by these words: "Welcome to our learning community, where we honor Sakaw Cree wisdom and traditions while empowering students to reach their full potential. Guided by our Elders, inspired by the land, and supported by a responsive environment, we nurture the whole person – mind, body, heart, and spirit."

These words capture the essence of our vision: a place where every student finds belonging, learns holistically, and is supported on their journey. We believe that by weaving together the profound insights of Sakaw Cree knowledge with the tools of Western knowledge systems, we create an education that is both empowering and transformative.

Our values begin with community, respect, adaptability, and leadership – these are not just words, but principles that shape who we are and the learning environment we strive for. We want our students to feel a strong sense of belonging, to honor the land and our Elders, to become adaptable problem-solvers, and to grow into compassionate, service-oriented leaders.

Choosing a school is about finding the right fit. If you seek an education that honors tradition, prepares students for tomorrow, and embraces the whole person, I invite you to explore all that we have to offer. We believe in the unlimited potential of our students. Through our nurturing environment and the rich tapestry of knowledge we share, we are here to help every child reach that potential.

I welcome you to learn more about our exceptional learning community.


Chester Auger, CEO Bigstone Cree Nation Education Authority

Our traditional approach to education was holistic and deeply embedded within our community. Everyone contributed to the learning process, ensuring our children were prepared for life. However, the imposition of external schooling systems severed this connection. An education that ignored our culture and language became disconnected from our community's survival. Our leaders recognized the urgent need to reclaim control and establish a school that genuinely reflected our values.

Designing a school rooted in our community's needs was a profound undertaking. We envisioned a program that prioritized our language, heritage, and the development of adaptable individuals capable of flourishing within both our community and the wider world. This was not a project of imitation; we were determined to create a truly unique educational model. The process required us to challenge outdated government systems and policies. Fueled by unwavering determination, our leaders employed traditional ceremonies during the building process, signifying the profound importance of creating a school that embodied the spirit of our community.

In 1989, Oski Pasikoniwew Kamik opened its doors, initially serving grades K-6. Over the years, it expanded to include grades 7, 8, and 9. Yet, the longstanding dream of a complete K-12 education within our community continued to inspire. Today that dream has come true! 

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