@Home Learning

During this time of uncertainty we recognize that some families will choose to keep their children home and engage in our @Home learning. This page is being developed to help support those families as we continue to build resources and supports to help you stay connected with our teachers.

CONNECTING to your class connection - via GOOGLE MEET. Our upper grade students are getting used to using digital tools to meet online - but we are also going to try rolling out these connections to our lower grade students to. During the Week of NOVEMBER 23-27 we will be having two online meetings for @Home lower students - GRADE 2 is meeting on TUESDAY from 2-3 PM and Grade 5 is meeting on WEDNESDAY from 2-3 PM. This initial meeting is designed to help everyone experience what an online 'class' is like. We realize that not every family has the technology to participate and will continue to touch base with @Home learners via phone. We do hope to transition these connection times to online meetings (1 on 1 and entire class) as comfort with the technology grows.

For this FIRST Online experience we are asking that both the student AND a parent attend! We want parents to know how the technology works and what the expectations are for productive online participation is. We need parents to help nuture their child's digital citizenship!


In your @HOME learning package for this week you will receive your child's login credentials to our learning platform - GOOGLE for EDUCATION. The grade 5's may have already experienced a bit of this last year as they were introduced to it in Grade 4 - for the Grade 2's its BRAND NEW as they were using iPads last year and had different logins.

The credentials are made up of two components - A USERNAME and a PASSWORD - both are required to login.

Connect to the INTERNET

You will need a computer or tablet that has a functioning CAMERA, MICROPHONE and is connected to the internet.

Connect to the MEETING