@Home Learning

During this time of uncertainty we recognize that some families will choose to keep their children home and engage in our @Home learning. This page is being developed to help support those families as we continue to build resources and supports to help you stay connected with our teachers.


We use Google services to support our online learning and therefore the simplest way for students to log in to their online learning is to use a Chromebook that is basically a simple laptop running the browser CHROME. You can use any modern device with an internet browser to sign in to our GOOGLE learning environment - navigate to mail.bigstoneeducation.ca and use the school-issued username and password.

Each household where at least one child attends OPK will be issued an OPK Managed CHROMEBOOK by the end of FEBRUARY 2021. These Chromebooks are yours to keep! While you have children attending OPK we need to keep a management license installed on the device so that our teachers and IT department can ensure the operating system and programs are properly tuned to meet our learning goals. Should your child no longer attend OPK you can have this management license released by contacting the school. The devices will work in GUEST mode or with any other GOOGLE @gmail.com account.
Students are required to login with their @bigstoneeducation.ca account in order to participate in online lessons.

Households, where children are designated to be @home learning, were prioritized for our Chromebook distribution. Households, where students are attending in-person, are receiving their Chromebooks throughout the last 2 weeks of February. Students will be learning how to connect to their GOOGLE CLASSROOMS where you can find additional online resources to supplement the homework package each week. For students in k-5, we will be sending more information about how to log into your child's GOOGLE CLASSROOM in an upcoming homework package distribution. Students in Grades 6-9 use GOOGLE CLASSROOM in their classes already and should be able to show you their classroom by using their login!

Your Chromebooks should be all ready to go - the only thing you need to configure is a connection to your WIFI. When you turn on the device it should prompt you for a connection - find your WIFI and enter it's password. Give the device a moment or two to connect to the Internet and you should be good to log in! At this time we do not have offline capabilities to use the Chromebook - it does require the internet. Chromebooks are managed by our IT department and you will notice that the @bigstoneeducation.ca is prefilled in the login screen - you just need the first part of your credentials to log in!

This video explains the details of our online learning GOOGLE MEETS ... it was created in DECEMBER for the launch of our LOWER class' first meet but the basics still apply to our current meets!

Connect to the INTERNET

You will need a computer or tablet that has a functioning CAMERA, MICROPHONE and is connected to the internet.

Connect to the MEETING

See your Schedule for @home Learning on HOMEPAGE for either UPPER or LOWER